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On June 17, 1992 I was accused of smuggling heroin into the Melbourne Airport. I was arrested and locked up in a room of a hotel for three days. From 9:00am to past 10:00p.m. I was interviewed by the Federal Police. At that time, I thought that I would be free after I cooperated with the questioning by the police. I did my best to answer all the questions. I was invited on this trip to Australia by a male friend. Like myself, he is now in prison with a similar fifteen year sentence. I just came along with him on this trip. The trial was a long four month process. In those four months, the material which pertained to me was very brief. When I came to Australia I could not speak any English. I did not understand anything and it was like a dream. I wanted to quickly wake up form the dream so many times I tried to pinch my cheek and hit myself. But it was of no avail. It was not a dream. The shock that I felt then is still in the back of my head. At times anxiety and terror reign in my heart and I cannot breathe. My entire body shakes. I think I am going to die and this happens throughout the year. Even now these fits occur. Especially, since 1998 such fits have been very common. They have given me a lot of anti-depressants and other medicines. I will have been in prison for seven years as of this June. Before I have thought of killing myself many times and have written my last will. I am really innocent. If I knew the drugs were in there... NO I would never have done such a terrible crime. In 1993 I believed Jesus Christ and have been seeking His help. But at times I think, who cares. I received an unfair trial. And I could only appeal according to the laws of the court. I suffered from human relation problems in prison. My heart has been hurt as if it has been stabbed by a knife. I have thought it would be more pleasant to be dead. I am the type of person who would admit to smuggling drugs if I did it. I did not do this and I do not tell lies. It was said in the court room that we all had prepared the same story in case we were caught and that is why we had similar stories. It was so disheartening to hear the prosecutor tell the twelve member jury that we did not have dinner at the Sakura Restaurant in Malaysia. I got angry when the prosecutor said this was a concocted story. I found out later that 99% of foreigners who face similar trials will be found guilty. The interpreting was inadequate. I only spoke once to my solicitor in two and a half years. This was with my second lawyer. Through Rev. Young I was able to ask and see my lawyer and I saw him twice. The first time was without an interpreter. The second time was before the trial began at the Melbourne Remand Centre. We had a meeting with the four Japanese men who had come with me on this tour. At that time I was already emotionally very weak and was on some medication. I do not remember what we talked about. It is the desire of my heart to tell the readers of this statement to believe that I am really innocent. I do not seek your mercy, but my desire is for you to know the truth. It is the truth that a vehicle with my suitcases in it was stolen. Without my, the next day I received a replaced suitcase with drugs in it. With out any doubts I brought that suitcase with me to Australia. I did not know that there were drugs in it. There are not many cases involving drugs in Japan. I never imagined that something like this would happen to me. But as I was interviewed by t the police and answered all those questions, I began to realize that it was the Malaysian tour guide who had used me. I have to be in prison for another three years and eight months. As of June 17 I will have three and a half years left. As I think about it, the days and months have gone by quickly. I have learned many things in prison. But my time as far as Japan is concerned has stopped. In the depth of my heart I hide my sorrows.

Metropolitan Women's Correctional Centre
Chika Honda,
April 15, 1999