The story of Chika Honda
a Japanese tourist who spent a decade in Melbourne prisons
A Documentary Performance

Poster Design by Janette Hoe
CD Cover by , Elly Mantzaris
Projection     . Data projector (minimum brightness 3500 ANSI lumens)
. Very high powered PC with dual video card, 2 Gb RAM and fast hard drive
. Relevant cables
(The above equipment generally tours with the show, loaded with the dedicated playback software)
. Screen (minimum 5x3 meters, sized to suit venue)
Sound . Amplifiers to suit venue and system
. Speakers and stands to suit venue
. 10 x microphones on boom stands with clips and cables
. 4 x DI's
. Sound mixing desk minimum 16 channels
Lighting . 36 channel memory lighting control desk
(Generally this is a PC based "Horizon" system that is toured with the show)
. 3 x 12 channel dimmer racks
. 21 x 650w profile spots
. 12 x 650w - 1000w fresnels
Number of people travelling       9

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