The story of Chika Honda
a Japanese tourist who spent a decade in Melbourne prisons
A Documentary Performance

The Adelaide Festival Centre's
OzAsia Festival 2008

Poster Design by Janette Hoe
CD Cover by , Elly Mantzaris
Mayu Kanamori   Creator/Producer
Japanese born artist and photographer based in Sydney. Her works combine photography, performance art, videography, and story telling with emphasis on documentary photography in collaboration with artists from diverse genres and disciplines. Her recent collaborative works include projective installation for In Repose, a site-specific multi arts project at a century old Japanese cemetery in Townsville, Back to the Block, another site -specific projection work as part of Gathering Ground in the Block, Redfern, Sydney and Bacio della Vita, projection work with series of photographs and sounds of centenarians from Sardinia shown at Cross Projections In Sydney and Festival No Arte in San Sperate.
Chika Workshop, 2004 : Video:
Music © Tom Fitzgerald
Mayu Kanamori, photograph by Gilliane Tedder
Mayus single images were selected for 2007 Julie Millowick Photography Prize, 2006 Conrad Jupiter Art Prize, and 2005 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture, whilst her series work was finalist for 2005 Harries National Digital Art Award for Judy and Alan, 2004 Walkley Awards Radio Feature for CHIKA, Commendation, 2000 United Nations Media Peace Awards, Promotion of Multicultural Issues and 2001 NAIDOC Non Indigenous Reconciliation Award for The Heart of the Journey. Her solo photographic exhibitions include Sugao no Australia and Unseen Faces of Japan. Top of Page

Malcolm Blaylock   Director/Producer Malcolm Blaylock, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Malcolm has over fifteen years experience in the theatre both as a freelance director and as Artistic Director of La Boite, Junction and Circle theatre Companies. He is currently Artistic Director of Darwin Festival and has also been the director of the St Kilda Festival, The St Kilda Film Festival, The Australian International Workshop Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival. He has produced and directed large-scale events, notably the Melbourne River Spectaculars and the opening event of the Melbourne Festival in 1998.
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Original Music by Dr Thomas Fitzgerald   Musical director, Violin & Keyboard Tom Fitzgerald, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Thomas Fitzgerald has composed a diverse range of music for television, concert and musical theatre events. He has scored for feature films and multi media projects, including "Snapshot", "Stanley" and "The Good Cook". Tom was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999 for his film score in "Turtle World", was awarded the Melbourne Theatre Critics Award for Best Musical Composition & Direction in 1998 for 'Midsummer Nights Dream' & Best Original Music Award for 'Pa' at the 2002 Sienna International Festival.
Tom's experience as Musical Director includes working with The State Orchestra of Victoria and ABC Queensland Symphony Orchestra. He has worked extensively in New York, on Broadway musicals such as 'Evita' and with artists of the calibre of Elton John, Dionne Warwick, Sting, James Taylor, Nancy Wilson, and Sammy Davis Jnr. He has conducted Symphony Orchestras and directed production of several major television broadcasts and live Concert Events. Musical production credits include "Les Miserables", "The Phantom of the Opera", the Melbourne International Festival of Arts & Moomba.
'Shower Songs - Canaries in the Mineshafts', a radiophonic musical composition created during Tom's residency as ABC Radio Arts/Australia Council New Media Artist-in-Residence for 2005, premiered on ABC Radio National networks on December, 2005. 'The Music Caught Fire: The Rebirth of Irish Music' was broadcast in 2007. Tom's current project, the 'Peace Song Tapestries' invites young people to discover new ways for peace through the power of music. Contributed compositions form part of the current weekly SBS Radio Broadcast, and are to be woven by musical director 'Dr Tom' into a new work, a music and soundscape Tapestry for peace to showcase the songs of peace in concert during the Sydney Harmony Day 2008 celebrations. Top of Page

Yumi Umiumare   Dancer/Vocals Yumi Umiumare
Born in Hyogo, Japan, Yumi is trained in classical ballet and modern dance and has a degree in Physical Education from Kobe University (1988). Yumi is the only Japanese Butoh Dancer in Australia and the creator of original Butoh Cabaret works. Originally as a member of the seminal Butoh Company DaiRakudakan in Tokyo, Yumi has lived in Australia since 1993, and has appeared in numerous dance, theatre and film productions in Australia Japan, Europe, Malaysia and China. Since 1999, Yumi has created her own Butoh Cabaret DasSHOKU series, including recent work DasSHOKU Hora!! (Malthouse05, Sydney Operahouse07).
Yumis solo dance pieces include INORI-in-visible(Japan tour 2001, Copenhagen Post Butoh festival2003) and Dis-Oriental(Performance Space04, Dancehouse05, OzAsia Festival 07).She also has appeared in the smash hit show The Burlesque Hour (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney 2004-07, Edinburgh05, New Zealand and Eastern Europe tour07), ImproLab (Sydney Operahouse06, Melbourne07) ,The Banquet Room in International Contemporary Festival in Osaka07) and Burning Daylight(with Marrugeku in Zurich Theatre festival07). Yumi teaches Butoh regularly and curates Beyond Butoh Festival with Tony Yap in Melbourne since 2001.Yumi is currently developing a new solo work, EnTrance and working as a choreographer in the exchange project between Okinawa (Japan)-Adelaide for 2008. Top of Page

Satsuki Odamura   Koto Satsuki Odamura, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Satsuki Odamura is a Japanese koto virtuoso, who has pioneered the teaching and performing of koto, an ancient Japanese instrument in Australia. Foremost among Satsuki's achievements is working with musicians from other genres and styles, such as jazz, world music to create the potential for people who have no previous knowledge of the koto or its cultural setting to compose music for the instrument. She believes that artists with no previous knowledge of the koto are able to create exciting new directions and dimensions for the instrument koto, which would be impossible for any Japanese to conceive. Top of Page

Bronwyn Kirkpatrick   Shakuhachi
Bronwyn will perform in the Adelaide season of Chika. Bronwyn Kirkpatrick
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick is a shihan (master) of the shakuhachi who has been studying with shakuhachi grand-master Dr Riley Lee in Sydney, Australia since 1997. She holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in clarinet performance, graduating with Distinction in 1994. Bronwyn has played the shakuhachi with the Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company, the Sydney Dance Company and TaikOz. In 2004, Bronwyn was invited to perform at shakuhachi festivals in New York and Japan and was awarded her jun-shihan (teacher) and shihan (master) shakuhachi licences from Dr Riley Lee. Bronwyn was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2004 and an Australia Council Skills and Arts Development grant in 2005, which enabled her to undertake further study of the shakuhachi in Japan with Kakizakai Kaoru, Furuya Teruo and Yokoyama Katsuya. Bronwyn performed at the first International Shakuhachi Festival of Hawaii in March 2005 and was a prize winner at the prestigious All-Japan National Music (Hogaku) Competition (for Traditional Japanese instruments), in May 2005. Bronwyn performs regularly with members of the Sawai International Koto School, directed by Satsuki Odamura. Her music comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.
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Anne Norman   Shakuhachi
Anne Norman performed in the Melbourne and Sydney seasons of Chika and on the Chika soundtrack CD. Anne Norman
Anne is a composer and performer of shakuhachi. Following a B.Mus in flute (Melb.Uni), Anne studied three lineages of shakuhachi in Japan between 1986 and 1992, completed an MA in Ethnomusicology (Monash), and received a Monbusho scholarship to study shakuhachi at the Tokyo University of Art and Music under Living National Treasure Yamaguchi Goro. She has given several recitals of her compositions for Japanese instruments in Japan, and won the 1992 Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation Music Competition.
Anne has composed, directed and performed in numerous theatre and dance productions including collaborations with The Men Who Knew Too Much, the direction of the Nadoya Music and Dance Company (including a season through Made to Move) and the artistic direction of large outdoor events such as the Frankston Sea Ceremony. She directed four seasons of outdoor music/dance theatre pieces for the Melbourne Festival in the mid '90s, and in 2001 was commissioned by the Melbourne Festival to compose for the Federation Bells at Birrarung Marr Park.
Anne is a member of the quintet Jouissance, performing in Festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne, Norway and Estonia. Questing Spirit, her duo with harpsichordist Peter Hagen, has performed for Prime Minister Koizumi in Sydney 2002, and at the New York International Shakuhachi Festival 2004. Anne works with taiko drummer Toshinori Sakamoto presenting Japanese Music in schools nationwide. She has also written and produced bilingual musicals for children. She has numerous CDs.

Toshinori Sakamoto   Wadaiko (Japanese drumming) Toshinori Sakamoto
Toshinori is a wadaiko drummer based in Melbourne and formed Wadaiko Rindo in Australia in 1996. He studied under renowned conductor, Takashi Fukuda. Toshinori's earlier taiko performances followed the tradition of Kumamoto Fujisaki Shrine Festival style, and later established his unique style through study and collaborations with various taiko groups in Japan.
Since his migration to Australia, Toshi has performed in many places around Australia. His group, Wadaiko Rindo, performed at Melbourne InternationalFestival in 1999 and got a Music Award at Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2004 and also performed Fiji, New Caledonia and China. Top of Page

Keith Tucker   Lighting Designer Keith Tucker
Keith has designed lighting for a wide range of companies and artists including the Australian Dance Theatre, The English National Ballet, the St Petersburgh Ballet, The Melbourne Museum, Lucy Guerin, The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, The World Swimming Championships, The Spaghetti Western Orchestra and the Great Moscow Circus.
He has an interest in lighting for multimedia works and has created numerous shows and exhibitions that combine these passions. The combination of live performance, projection and lighting is a discipline he finds bothchallenging and exciting. Top of Page

Nick Franklin   Sound & Documentary Nick Franklin, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Nick Franklin is a radio producer and a recipient of the 2003 Walkley Award and 2003 George Munster Award for Independent Journalism for the Radio Eye series Crime and Punishment. He is also the winner of 2003 Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Conference Broadcasting Award for The Department of Lost Voices. Nick was a finalist for New York Festival Award in 1997 for his radio feature River Spirits and received the Australian Human Rights Award in 1995 for Best Radio Documentary for Troppo. He collaborated with Mayu Kanamori as Sound Producer for The Heart of the Journey, and received a commendation for the United Nations Media Peace Award Promotion of Multicultural Issues in 2000 for its radio program.
Nick is currently a senior producer in ABC Radio National in the area of Radio Arts, producing feature programs for Radio Eye. His experience as a journalist and broadcaster include Executive Producer for ABC Radio National Breakfast program, Executive Producer for Triple J and reporter and contributing producer for BBC Radio and Carlton TV in UK and has also produced documentaries for Encounter and Hindsight on Radio National.
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Andrei Shabunov   Sound Engineering and Design Andrei Shabunov, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Andrei is a sound designer and engineer and has received the prestigious Prix Italia in 2003 for The Ears Outside my Listening Room, a radiophonic composition produced by composer Colin Black and was the recipient of the Silver World Medal in the Culture & The Arts category in the New York Festival radio competition in his work Snorty Meets the Red Army Choir with producer Natalie Kestecher.
Andrei is currently Sound Engineer for ABC's Acoustic Art Unit, working extensively on Radio Eye and the former Listening Room. Before joining the ABC, Andrei lived in Russia and was Sound Designer at Video Film in Moscow. His experience in Russia ranges from Sound Engineer at the Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography and Sound Technician at the Documentary Film Studio, both in Moscow. Andrei has also recorded many Russian rock and pop groups including Kino, DDT and Alicia.
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Chris Harris   Projection Designer and Trax Programmer Chris Harris, photograph by Mayu Kanamori
Chris is a designer and a Trax programmer who works with the Australian Centre of Moving Image. His recent has recently managed Caroline Lee's Lola Strong, Melbourne Workers Theatre's Fever and multi-media installation on NYID's K and Scenes of the Beginning from the End as well as the 2001 and 2002 Melbourne Moomba Festivals. He is also the production manager for The Heart of the Journey.
Chris's design works include works such as multi-media design for ICE's The Teratology Project and Lighting Design for The Gas Connection by Jude Anderson. Recently he completed a multi projection screen design for choreographer Lucy Guerin's performance Plasticine Park for the 2003 Melbourne International Festival.
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